Mindfulness In Nature Deep Water Bay

The photo was taken at Black’s Link on 18 April 2017. Mindfulness In Nature Deep Water Bay No sooner have the magnificent mountain peaks captured your attention than Deep Water Bay Drive comes into view, hills above offset by sea below, introducing a totally unique sense of calm. Nestled amongst mountain splendour, Deep Water Bay… Read More »

Hermès to hold “Hors les Murs” Exhibition in Lyons

This June, Hermès will be visiting the city of Lyon, France to showcase its master craftsmen’s skills and promote its artisanship to a wider public. The “Hors les Murs” Exhibition will last a month before setting off for in Moscow in September. Hermès at work, Nagoya, October 2017 Skilled workers from Hermès’ various departments will demonstrate their crafts,… Read More »

World’s Sexiest 50 Year Old: Italian Millionaire Gianluca Vacchi

For a couple of years now, American Internet personality and “professional poker player” (apparently he doesn’t win all that much) Dan Bilzerian has been an instagram media star mostly known for his lavish lifestyle. Well, he has just lost his crown to Italian millionaire and entrepreneur Gianluca Vacchi. Sartorially gifted, Vacchi has plenty of moves himself. A physical specimen… Read More »

Fighting Climate Change: Pharrell Williams x Louis XIII and the Gift of 100 Years

The science of global warming is clear and so are the solutions, yet we find ourselves hesitant to act. In many interviews, LUXUO has often quizzed wine, whisky and cognac makers on whether climate change has affected the production of fine vintages. However, the general response is that while climate change and global warming in… Read More »

New unit mix for Banyan Tree Residences Brisbane

Banyan Tree Residences Brisbane is a striking collaboration project between the team’s in-house design team and Woods Bagot, a leading international design practice. Located in the iconic Kangaroo Point, the building will feature a stunning exterior with three undulating wave structures that deviates from traditional linear architecture. Aerial view of Banyan Tree Residences Brisbane at… Read More »

Private Island Retreats Are Oasis for Luxury Travelers

  The pool view at Gladden, where you can enjoy all the solitude that you need. Photographer: Benedict Kim Fitness executive Jim Worthington had one goal for the luxury trip he was planning to celebrate the birthday of his girlfriend, Kim Levins: privacy. So he booked into Gladden Private Island, a tiny hotel off the coast… Read More »

Very Rare Qing Dynasty Bowl Could Fetch USD 26.5 Million

Very Rare Qing Dynasty Bowl Could Fetch USD 26.5 Million From diamonds and handbags to ancient ceramics, Sotheby’s Hong Kong auction houses have seen some of it most exquisite items sold at record-breaking prices among Asian buyers at auctions in recent years. This extremely rare bowl used by the Kangxi Emperor in the 1720s, could fetch… Read More »

Tiffany & Co. Hosts “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” to Launch the Paper Flowers Collection

The launch of Tiffany Paper Flowers by the American jeweller on Wednesday night saw the brand taking over the Museum of Contemporary Art with some of the iconic settings reminiscent of New York City. Made over in the brand’s signature shade of Tiffany Blue, Tiffany & Co. played host to over 200 guests that included Nicole Warne, Sonia Chew,… Read More »

Limited Edition Morgan Aero GT celebrates the end of Aero 8 production

Designed by design student Matt Humphries (who eventually graduated and became Morgan’s first head of design), the Morgan Aero 8 was a new take on old-school British roadsters. This year, Morgan Special Projects department will send the beloved Aero 8 off with the British marque’s most extreme road-going model to date, the Morgan Aero GT. 8 limited edition variants of the… Read More »

Hermès Introduces Leather Marquetry to Its Stream of Traditional Handcrafts

From saddle-making to bags and accessories, leather-crafting is a skill mastered by Hermès since its earliest days. Its unrivalled artistry and creativity in leatherwork dominated the industry with It-bags that were created, launched and thrived – never to look back. Not too long ago, La Montre Hermès, the watch counterpart of the Parisian maker of… Read More »